Guild designed for Muslim Artists and Creatives

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Team Members

Farah Soobhan
Artist & Pop Art

Isa Noorudeen
Creative Production


I enjoyed it greatly and felt genuinely enlightened by the experience

Personally speaking, I have a fairly academic personality in the sense that I try to rationalise everything in a strictly intellectual fashion. It was a useful reminder from Moustafa Hassan that sometimes we need to embrace the emotion..

Blessed Footsteps / Post-Graduate Student

Alhumdulillah what an amazing night, I feel so happy being part of it!

 It was so good to listen to all the artists and to actually feel and see how deeply connected they were with what they created. I kept nodding my head along because I could understand that feeling! 
It’s also great to read all the above feedback from people who came to enjoy the night! 
I hope this opens many more doors and channels to help Muslim artists express themselves in a positive way! Inshaallah!
Thank you again!
Blessed Footsteps / Displaying Artist

I’d like to mention that one thing which stood out for me was how intelligent, talented and compassionate all the women were. 

It’s something taken for granted but yesterday was an example of what Muslim women are; completely contrary to mainstream narratives. This is what I want my daughter to see, as she gets older. So thanks very much to all the ladies for being positive beacons of Islam iA
Searching Souls / Television Producer